Overview of the Caribbean Stud

While you might have played poker previously, you will undoubtedly come across several varieties of table games as you walk through a casino. One of the games that you need to be accustomed to is Caribbean Stud poker. Although it has a fancy name, this game is similar to the good old-fashioned five-card stud, a game you perhaps played in your early years with your grandparents. Play the game at http://www.1001-onlinecasino.co .


Does Caribbean Stud Poker have a Strategy that Works?

A working Caribbean Stud poker strategy requires you to adhere to a single rule to lower the house edge significantly. When dealt with a pair or higher, you need to raise your hand. Specialists have fine-tuned this technique down to when you get A, K, J, 8, 3 or anything better. Make sure you fold whenever you get anything else. You can easily determine other odds by following this strategy.

If you raised the hands correctly, the games' odd will show that the dealer will averagely win 13.5% of the time while the player will win 16% of the time. On the contrary, the dealer will not qualify 23% of the time you raise hands. On average, a push hand will happen every 62,500 hands, representing 0.0016% of the time. The house edge differs on how you play the game.

  • Raise a hand when the dealer gets a 2-queen or matches your cards
  • Raise when the dealer has a king or ace and you have a jack or queen

If you fold anything that's less than A, K, J, 8 or 3, you should expect to give the house a house per cent of 5.3. Another strategy you can use involves raising the hand whenever one of the dealer's up-card matches the house edge of 5.3%. The house will have an edge of 5.4% when you raise on a pair and 5.7% when you raise on A, K or anything better.

What are the Game's Rules?

The game is incredibly popular amongst gamblers due to its ease of play. Still, there are loads of involvement in the gameplay. The Caribbean Stud poker rules say that the players need to make a decision to fold out or raise a hand. If you decide to fold, you'll end up leaving your ante bet. Dealers qualify for the hand by making at least an Ace - higher or king.

Else, the hand will be dead, and the players end up winning the ante bet's money. Whenever the dealer's hand qualify, you have to overpower the dealer's hand for you to get paid on their bet. Notably, you will get payouts based on the hand's strength when you win against the dealer. But it is worth keeping in mind that this payout varies from casino to casino.