Beginners guide to video poker.

Video poker is a type of online casino game played with cards. The vameolay is similar to the 5 card draw poker game played at land based casino. It is played on a machine similar to the slot machine. You simply play by inserting your bet in form of a coin for every round. To learn more about playing video poker, you can check out

How to play

The idea is to match your hand to get the best possible combination. At the beginning if the games. You are given give cards. Y6iu are allowed to discard one or more of the cards to form better combination. The discarded cards will be replaced with a new one. Also, the game allows you to exchange the whole cards for new set of hand.

Once you are done exchanging, you would be paid according to the payable of the game. The lowest hand combination pays even and it is the pair of Jack. This is regardless of the colour. Other hands are similar to the traditional poker game and the maximum hand combination is royal flush. You are more likely to hit a pair of jack hand combination than royal flush.

  • Other hand combinations are
  • Two pairs
  • Flush
  • Full house

Video Poker hand combinations

As discussed earlier, there are different hand combinations in poker. The lowest which is the pair of jack simply involve two jack cards and other three cards. The next to this is the two pair cards. This features a hand with a pair of two different shape cards and an extra card. Another hand combination is three of a kind which include three cards having the same value

The next high paying hand combination is straight. This consists of cards with consecutive value. To get higher payout, you will need to land a flush. This combination consists of 5 cards of the same suit. There is also full house which consists of a pair and three of a kind. Other high paying combinations include four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush.

How to choose an online casino

If you prefer to play video poker at an online casino, it is essential to choose an online casino that is recognised and licensed. This will ensure that you are in safe hands. The license must be from a recognised gaming authority. Also, the online casino must be responsive and display properly across different mobile and desktop devices for a seamless betting experience

Online casino bonus.

One advantage of playing at an online casino is the bonus they offer. When you register at an online casino, you may be offered welcome bonus to play a few games. You can use this bonus to test our the video poker game. However, you should look through the wagering requirements to understand the requirements placed on the bonus. Some of the bonuses include

  • Deposit bonus
  • No deposit bonus

Winning at video poker.

Video poker is a based on luck. However, there are some strategies that you can try out to improve your chances of winning. The first step is to choose the video poker that offers higher payout ratio to your bet amount. Also, do not keep cards to target high paying combinations like straight, because there is a higher chance of losing. Also, do not rush the game.

Final thoughts on video poker.

Video poker is similar to the traditional poker played at land based casinos. However, you would be playing through a poker machine that resembles the traditional slot machine. You can also play video poker at online casinos. These are online platforms that gives you access to casino games from your mobile or desktop device. You can check out the demo version of the game to get started.